Every week, Shabbat is that wonderful Jewish holiday that gives us the gift of rest. Should we choose, we can take the opportunity to slow down from our busy lives and reflect on the week that has passed, celebrating with our sacred community through music and prayer.

Just like there are many different types of Jews, we at CBI offer many different kinds of Shabbat worship opportunities. Whether you seek an upbeat, contemporary service or one that uses more classical/traditional reform music settings of the liturgy, or if you have small children, we have a service that can meet your needs.

Friday Night

Family Shabbat Service  1st Friday of the month 6:00 pm  
Community Shabbat Dinner 1st Friday of the month                            6:30 pm  
Erev Shabbat Service Every Friday 7:30 pm  






Saturday Morning

Torah Study every Saturday 9:15 am
Tot Shabbat 2nd & 4th Saturday (Late August through June) 9:30 am
Shabbat Morning Service every Saturday 10:30 am

New to CBI?  If you are unfamiliar with our services and would like to sit with someone who can help orient you, our friendly greeters will be happy to match you up with someone who can help.

Shabbat Greeter Program  At CBI, we want everyone who attends our services to feel that they are welcome and that we are thrilled to see them. One of the ways we do this is to make sure that we have enthusiastic people to greet them, wish them a Shabbat Shalom, and hand them a prayer book. Our dedicated group of greeters makes sure that visitors are welcomed into our synagogue, answers their questions, and helps them find their way in the building. They also greet our members as they arrive, ask them how their week has been, re-establish old friendships, and generally make sure they feel welcome in their spiritual home.

Each individual member of our group of greeters will typically greet at two Shabbat services during a three-month period. Since we greet on both Friday evenings and Saturday mornings, we accommodate each greeter's preferences. We ask that each greeter be in place and ready to greet about 20 minutes prior to the start of the service and stay in place until about 10 minutes into the service. If you would like to become a greeter at CBI, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Hearing Enhancement For Worship Services and Special Programs:  Hearing enhancement devices are available both in the Sanctuary and in Smith Auditorium. If you would like to use one, please ask one of our friendly greeters. 

Visiting Groups:  Groups interested in attending worship services should contact our Clergy Assistant, Cynthia Orr, at (512) 454-6806.  Letting us know that you are coming will help us make you feel welcome.