CBI's B'nei Mitzvah Preparation Program

Acquiring the title of Bat Mitzvah or Bar Mitzvah (that is, "responsible for the Commandments") signifies that a young person is at last skilled and mature enough to take part in the sacred obligations of Jewish life. The beautiful celebration that takes place during a Shabbat Morning service thus includes taking part in some public mitzvot for the very first time: presenting a Torah lesson to the congregation, chanting from the Torah and Haftarah (prophetic) portions for the week, and leading parts of the service.

Formal study and experiential learning is involved in preparing to celebrate becoming a bar or bat mitzvah, including: studying Hebrew, attending services, learning about the Bible and Jewish literature, mastering Torah cantillation and more. A special feeling of strengthened Jewish identity and inclusion in the community develops as students and their families make new friends, participate together in social, learning and community service activities, and join in each other's s'machot (happy events).

Family plays a vital role in preparation, partnering with the Beth Israel staff in supporting their child's learning and involvement. Many families find a renewed sense of Judaism in their homes and in synagogue participation as they study together and experience more of what it means to live an active Jewish life!

We expect every student to participate in a B'nei Mitzvah Shabbaton service, lunch, and discussion before they become bar or bat mitzvah here at CBI. Please make sure to save the date for a Shabbaton in the year before you become bar or bat mitzvah. 

For more information about our program, please email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 512.454.6806, x214.

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