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CBI Celebrates Black History Month


“Jews are a multicultural people who have lived around the world for millennia… Jewish wisdom has much to contribute to cultural competence—the ability to ask questions and navigate difference. Race and ethnicity are important elements in shaping Jewish identity and expression in the 21st century.”
-Be'chol Lashon


2023 REDI (Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Workshops with 
The Union of Reform Judaism!

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Jews and Slavery
CBI Seudah Shlishit program- click to learn more!
February    4, 2023

with Author and CBI member, Daniela Weil

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Did jews own enslaved africans? Did they participate in the slave trade and if so how much? How did jews justify having slaves religiously? What were the opinions of the rabbis? And more...

Daniela Weil was born in Brazil, studied at Brandeis University and lived in Houston for 20 years before moving to Austin 5 years ago. She is the author of The Diary of Asser Levy, a historical fiction about the first group of Jewish refugees that arrived in America from Brazil in the 1600's. She has a 16 year old daughter Lucy who is adopted from Ethiopia. Currently Daniela devotes her time to educating CBI folks on antiracism through her Chavuraction Circles, and on helping refugees through Austin Jews and Partners for Refugees, an organization she helped form. She loves science, history and constantly learning, and loves to work with CBI clergy and staff on engaging in social justice.

Get involved with CBI's Anti-Racist Chavurot!

"My cohort's facilitator, Daniela, has been able to teach me more about Race, Racism, Austin's Black history, and Black history across the country than I learned throughout my entire public school experience. Everyone should participate in Chavuraction Circles to learn about the systemic obstacles that People of Color in our own community and all around the world are consistently faced with, and more importantly, learn ways in which the Jewish community is able to address these issues and stand against them.  "

-Sarah Jew, CBI Staff Cohort Participant

CBI celebrates Juneteenth Shabbat on June 16, 2023
with special guest sermon.
Details TBA

Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783