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Executive Officers 2021-2022

President: Lori Adelman
President-Elect: Sarah Holland
Secretary: Phil Baum
Vice President: Tori Grady (Finance)
Vice President: Ava Spetalnik (Community Engagement)
Vice President: Brently Heilbron (Fundraising and Development)
Vice President: Corrie MacLaggan (Lifelong Learning)
Vice President: David Narunsky (Ritual Practice)

Trustees 2021-2022

Melissa Pepper    
David Firestein             
Bob Feiner             

Monica Lasky            

Special Board Liasons 2021-2022

Laura Corman       Immediate Past President
Claudia Sanchez   Sisterhood Representative
Marvin Hecker       Brotherhood President
Jocelyn Lass         Austin Temple Teens President
Cara Kelly             CDC Representative

2021-2022 Board Meetings

Board meetings are open to CBI members and you are welcome to attend and observe. If you would like to be placed on the agenda to present an issue or information to the Board or for the Zoom information to log on to a meeting, please contact Lori Adelman.

CBI Board meetings are held on the following Sundays from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. in the Board Room and on Zoom. 

July 25, 2021
August 22, 2021
September 26, 2021
October 24, 2021
November 14, 2021
December 19, 2021
January 23, 2022
February 27, 2022
March 27, 2022
April 24, 2022
May 22, 2022
June 26, 2022

Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyar 5782