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Happy Mother's Day?

05/11/2023 04:56:55 PM


Rabbi Kelly Levy

If you’re anything like me, you probably didn’t quite realize that this Sunday is Mother’s Day. It always has a tendency to sneak up on me with the end of year chaos and other things happening at this time of year. And, because we do not have any events, programs, classes, or services on that Sunday, it often flies under my personal radar.

I have always watched in awe as my Christian colleagues prepare their communities for special Sunday events, such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. They have special blessings, tributes, readings, and prayers to offer those who parent, and they have the added pressure of making sure everyone within their space feels comfortable and seen.

The awe I feel stems from knowing how complicated a day like Mother’s Day can be for so many people. For some, Mother’s Day is a reminder of the complex and difficult relationship they had or still have with their mom. For others, it brings a painful memory of their mother who is no longer alive. And, this day feels empty and sorrowful for those longing to become mothers, those who struggle and struggled with infertility, pregnancy loss, and the challenging road to parenthood.

Still, for many, Mother’s Day is a source of celebration, of great joy in being with their own mother, or spending the day with children, grandchildren, friends, and beyond. Or, it’s just another ordinary Sunday, filled with the hope of sleeping in, a great brunch, maybe a quick nap in the afternoon (maybe that’s my hope?!).

No matter how you celebrate Mother’s Day (or don’t), my prayer is that you find peace and comfort with the multiple complexities and challenges that may arise on that day. May those seeking parenthood be blessed with good health and the love of those within their lives. May those who struggle with a difficult or complicated relationship with their mother find a source of calm and tranquility that provides them space to make decisions about their future. May those who enjoy spending time with their family find a day filled with laughter, happiness, and an abundance of fun with those they love and cherish.

May this Sunday give you all an extended period of Shabbat, a day of peace and love, a day filled with wholeness and all the joy you need to get you through to the next week.

Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784