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We at Congregation Beth Israel, and within the Reform Movement, welcome and support those who choose to explore Judaism. Jews by Choice are a gift to our people and to our community. 

While each person’s path into Jewish life is unique, there are some shared questions and experiences.  We hope to help you find answers to your basic questions. Read more about conversion in the Reform Jewish Community.

We encourage you to make yourself at home here at Congregation Beth Israel. Please explore all aspects of our Synagogue Community.  We invite you to attend Shabbat Services, meals and Torah Study.


If you are considering conversion to Judaism…

Our  Living a Jewish Life class conveys information on the major aspects of Judaism.  If you are considering converting, you must complete this course. However, completion of the Living a Jewish Life course does not in and of itself constitute a conversion.  Conversion to Judaism includes at least one formal year of study with a Rabbi’s supervision; students will choose either Rabbi Folberg or Rabbi Levy to serve as their mentor. A conversion ceremony will be scheduled after the course, all assignments have been completed, and meetings with their mentor have been completed.  For more information about our Living a Jewish Life Class, click here.

Some students enroll in the class at the start of their conversion process, while others prefer to meet with Rabbi Folberg or Rabbi Levy before taking the course.

If the course is being taken for conversion in preparation for a Jewish marriage, we strongly encourage both partners to enroll and take the course together.

Becoming a member of the Jewish community is an important part of becoming Jewish, so we expect conversion students to join the Synagogue at some point prior to formal conversion. For membership information, please contact Sarah Jew at 512-454-6806

Sat, May 21 2022 20 Iyar 5782