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"Let's Talk About Israel" Part II

Join Rabbi Folberg for part II of "Let's Talk About Israel".  

Israel is continually the subject of news broadcasts and opinion pieces on the Internet and in the traditional media.

As Jews, there is also a deeply personal dimension to these current events and the way they are covered in the media. The conversation about Israel challenges our social justice commitments and our sense of Jewish identity. Additionally, the harassment of Jewish students and faculty on college campuses, and anti-Jewish aggression adjacent to anti-Zionist activism, brings into question where the line between thoughtful criticism of Israeli government policies and old-fashioned hatred of Jews should be drawn.

For the sake of relationship building and continuity, we ask that you sign up for this program only if you can commit to attending all or nearly all of the sessions.

Due to the important and sometimes sensitive nature of our discussions, the meetings will be in person only. Additionally, the program will be limited to 25 participants. It is for CBI members only.

Classes will be held on Sundays from 9:15 am - 10:15 am in the CBI Board room.  

Dates for class:

March 3rd, April 14th, May 5th

Registration is closed.  

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyar 5784