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School's out,  Summer is IN! 

06/01/2023 03:30:04 PM


Rabbi Kelly Levy

It’s official: School’s out for the summer! The weather is heating up, the pools are open, and the thrill of camp, cook-outs, and casual attire can officially commence. I personally love summer, even though I no longer get to enjoy all the fun offered by my favorite season. As an adult, summer means shuffling children to various camps, trying to find some time to take off of work, relishing the air conditioning, and slathering yourself in all the sunscreen to avoid sun damage.

For all of us, summer provides an opportunity to experience Judaism in a new way. While children have the gift of attending Jewish summer camp where they can fully immerse themselves in being Jewish with other Jewish kids, adults can explore different parts of Judaism they haven’t yet experienced.

As an example, maybe you haven’t attended Torah study before (or, maybe it’s been a while). Join us on Saturday mornings at 9:00 for an enlightening, enriching, and enjoyable hour of learning. Perhaps you haven’t attended Shabbat services recently. No matter what, Shabbat happens every single week, so there is always time to pray and sing with the community.

If you have access to children attending Jewish summer camp, ask them about their experience! How are they learning about Jewish values and making them an active part of their life? What have they learned, how are they exploring their own Judaism, how can YOU explore with them? Maybe you’ll learn something totally new!

Perhaps it’s time to find new ways to connect with Judaism through the outdoors? Now is the time to take advantage of the not-as-oppressively-hot-as-usual weather we’re currently experiencing. Go for a walk, a swim, a bike ride, or something that gets you outside. What makes it Jewish? How does communing in nature help you feel more spiritually alive? Can you celebrate Shabbat at a campfire while enjoying s’mores? What about a Havdalah nature walk that provides different stops for each step of the ritual?

Summer is an excellent time to engage your senses and connection to Judaism. While most of us adults wish we could spend the days at camp, surrounded by friends, singing and swimming without a worry in the world, many of us still exist in our usual and typical settings. So, get outside when you can. Do something new. Try a different approach. Make the best of the summer and all it has to offer. Maybe you’ll find something new and special, maybe you’ll discover a part of your Jewish self you never knew before.

Wishing you all a fun, exciting, relaxing, engaging, and meaningful summer ahead!

Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784